Happy #ProgrammerDay

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Seumur-umur baru tau ini kalo ada yang namanya "Programmer Day" and guess what? Ya it's today! 13 September 2015. Mengutip dari wikipedia inilah penjelasan dari "Hari Programmer" :
"The Day of the Programmer is an international professional day recognized in many technology companies and programming firms, that is celebrated on the 256th (hexadecimal 100th, or the 28th) day of each year (September 13 during common years and on September 12 in leap years). The number 256 (28) was chosen because it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, a value well-known to programmers.[3]256 is also the highest power of two that is less than 365, the number of days in a common year."
Jatuh di hari ke 256 setiap tahunnya, tepatnya tanggal 12 September pada tahun kabisat dan tgl 13 September pada tahun lainnya hal ini berdasarkan nilai yang dapat ditampung pada setiap byte, which is byte adalah sejarah penting dalam dunia pemrograman. Nah, sebagai salah satu orang yg hidup dari coding >.< pengen juga rasanya buat ikut memperingati, tapi enaknya ngapain ya?  
Should I code?
No way, its the first day off after last 3 weeks actually
Hmmm, how about learning?
Good idea!
C#? *my first love, the one that made me enjoy become a programmer
Ga usah lama-lama langsung aja buka microsoft virtual academy, salah satu portal untuk belajar dan bersertifikat #lol. Looking for C# topic and I found this one "Programming in C# Jump Start". Maybe its too late after years code in C# and attend the basic one but its okay, never too late to learn right? Nothing to lose with having these one. And Yay! finally I got this certificate for my completed courses :

So guys, what are you doing to celebrate this day? Atau mungkin ada pesan, kesan dan harapan kalian buat dunia pemrograman dan para programmer khususnya, boleh banget buat share at comment box below. Dari saya cuma mau ngucapin selamat hari Programmer buat para programmer, calon programmer maupun mantan programmer, keep lazy stay hungry stay foolish and never stop learning. Maju terus dunia coding Indonesia *apasih :D Happy Programmer Day and Happy coding everyone :)